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Q: What is google page rank and why is this important to you, (should you be looking at getting more traffic to your website)?

A: Part of the many factors involved in what pages google puts at the top of it's search results, is how well your site ranks in google's page rank algorithm.

Quote from "The heart of our software is PageRank™, a system for ranking web pages developed by our founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University."

Another important factor is having sites link to you that have a good page rank themselves. If you simply have many sites with low page rank linked to your web-site, it will not be enough to raise your score. Quality of backlinks is more important then quantity. While the fact that many sites with higher page rank link to a site, does not make the site being linked to of better value, this is the premise of how popularity of a page can get higher page rank.

Since we put this page up in 2005, today in 2013 Google and other search engines modify how they produce top results for searches. PR by itself is a good measure of the quality of your site and the back links can help your reputation.

Why is it then that one site with a low PR and low back links can show up in the top results for a search? This is because your page appears relevant for the search. If it was simply PR and link backs only the top sites in the world would ever be in the top results.

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