zubit Technologies CMS, Website Content Management System.

zubit cms zubit launches version 1.0 of zubit CMS (Content Management System). While we work with other CMS systems such as: WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, there are many cases where our users need a specific setup. Our own system is easy to modify and integrate into our clients design needs. Features include: creating static HTML web pages and content, where relying on server generated pages can harm speed and reliability of the pages served up. Making the server run through many to thousands of records in a database, do hundreds of computations often seems silly when the content on a page may not change for days, weeks, months even years. It is just as easy to edit the content and write it to file as it is to store it in a database then needing to call that content every time a page loads. Other features are managing images and documents such as PDF files. We even create image thumbnails of PDF documents on the fly and thumbnails of gallery images. The CMS system can use any HTML template a designer can come up with. Menu's and site structure can be simple to complex with certain rules to change on different areas of your website. Stay tuned for more features, releases and full demos!

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