Content Management Systems (CMS) Services

CMS stands for Content Management System. zubit offers a wide range of solutions in Content Management Systems.

The uses for CMS ranges from managing small web sites with a few pages to managing large web sites with thousands of pages. For small websites CMS can offer a simple way for the website owner to update their web pages. For large sophisticated web sites an appropriate CMS can offer web site publishers to update site architecture, manage images, web pages, articles, product listings to almost anything you can think of.

Common Content Management System used today are: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. zubit has worked extensively with all of these and can help recommend what system may work best for you.

What we can do for you.

Software upgrades. So often common web applications are exploited and need important upgrades. You may also simply want to upgrade to have access to new features. All to often these upgrades can break your site or some features of your website. In some cases all of your data can be lost. Having an expert perform your upgrade can help insure your site is not down for an extended amount of time and that your data is backed up in case anything gets lost.

If you have a site currently using a CMS there are many features you may like to enable. We can work with you to install and configure features, or write new ones for you.

Recommend and install CMS to suit your needs.

Training. Now you have a CMS for your website, so where do you start ? zubit can come to you and train you and your staff to be experts using your CMS.

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