Drupal Services by zubit Technologies.

Drupal Open Source CMS software Drupal is a powerful open source CMS (content management system). With thousands of add on modules websites can have a very sophisticated system without having to spend thousands of dollars on custom coding.

zubit has been working with Drupal software since 2006 assisting another web development company implement beta versions of drupal to their clients. After a few moments of scanning the code and reading the documentation it became quickly apparent some of the desired modules and enhancements of the beta version of drupal had not yet been tested. The whole point of beta versions are to allow users to test and then contribute back bug reports. In our case we needed to get the new beta versions to work, so diving in head first we patched up features and fixed critical problems.

It was funny as I was getting a tutorial on how to use Drupal, and what it was supposed to be doing, then dig into the code and look for where the functionality was, or was not. It was a great experience and I came out of it with a great respect for how powerful this software was. Previously working with older CMS software such as PHP Nuke, Mambo, PHP Website, amoung others, Drupal was proving to be a great candidate for CMS and is now used by hundreds of thousands of websites today.

Talk to zubit today for your website needs. Drupal may be a good candidate for content management of your website. With over a decade of experience with CMS and 5 years with drupal, we are confident we can point you in the right direction, solve any technical issues, or walk you through what you would like to accomplish with your website.

zubit is located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. We serve southern Vancouver Island, easily in person from Nanaimo BC to Victoria BC, as we are directly in the middle in the Cowichan Valley. Many of our customers are located worldwide, however sometimes it is nice to have someone show up in person.

For more comparision information on CMS (content management systems), please check out this comparison chart.

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