Adding your facebook page to your website.

Posted: March 7, 2013

Have you ever wanted to have your facebook page wall displayed on your website?

Why yes Vince, I woke up this morning thinking that exact same thing!

Well okay, maybe you did not wake up thinking you wanted your facebook page wall posts on your website, but now as your are reading this are you considering it?

Yesterday I started to look around for ways to have my facebook page feed on this website. I can see with my twitter they have a widget for this, so it made sense to go looking for the same type of thing with facebook. Well it turns out that facebook does not have such a widget but it is possible.

First off why would anyone want this? It may not be for everyone, but for many people they update their facebook wall all the time with updates on their business, leaving their website with stale content, months if not years old.

There are many tools to help keep your website current and many sites now use various CMS, (Content Management Systems), to help update your website data. For some however they are still too busy playing on facebook. Well that is fine however it reminds me of a funny image I seen yesterday:

make money on facebook

The joke may be true in so many ways, but using social networking for businesses is here to stay.

Using technology you can feed your blogs, twitter, google plus and many other places on the web that you publish to.


Zubit's Facebook Page Feed

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