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Mobile Websites

Mobile visits to your website are on the rise. More and more people are using smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices to browse the Internet. Each day more of your potential customers are looking up your products and services locally using hand held mobile devices.

Building sites for smartphones and other hand held devices is an important approach to have your media directed as you would like and gearing it for the device used to browse your web site. Often hand held devices have limited speed and cannot load images and other media like visitors at home on their high speed connections. A hand held mobile visitor to your website is often on the move. They want to find your address, see a product or find your contact information. They could be minutes away from making a purchase decision so finding your phone number, location and product information is helpful to you.

zubit can provide you with a mobile version of your site set to make your message and information show up properly to your hand held device visitors.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design can be one approach to creating mobile friendly websites. Responsive design helps your page size for display. Many websites are built to pixel sizes of widths and heights. One page may fill up the screen of one computer at one resolution but look very small and distant on another computer. Gearing your page to work under any resolution helps the good presentation of your website message get across to all visitors.

For many simple sites or even complex web sites, responsive web design can be very useful to how a page scales and is sized to the display. It may not address how the site needs to be geared for a hand held device visitor to your web site, but we can advise you as well provide this as an option.

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