MySQL Services from zubit.

MySQL zubit has specialized using MySQL for a database for over 12 years. MySQL is the worlds most popular opensource database in the world and a standard with the servers we usually work with. The term known as LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP and is the enviroment we host most of our sites on, as well the most popular through out the world. Having a strong knowledge in MySQL is key in working in this environment and developing web sites that require data to be stored and called when needed.

A good example of needing data stored in a database, would be an online store. The alternative would be to build a static web page with a list of your items. Then having to edit these items in each HTML document would not only be foolish but vastly time consuming. A next step would be to have the item come up with a price and could be sold through a shopping cart and so on, and so on... Being able to have that data on hand through out each step is where needing a database is so essential.

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