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php zubit has been specializing in PHP programming for over 15 years. In many ways we have grown up along side PHP, watching the language grow and change through out the years. PHP offers a good programming language for the Internet and combined with MySQL, PHP offers many features to adding functionality to websites.

Vince Bird has been a PHP programmer since 1997 developing web applications, interfaces and database driven websites. Read our testimonials page (here) to hear what some have to say about us.

What we can do for you.

Whether you need work on existing PHP software you have on your site or need custom software zubit is your one stop shop. To have any type of programming work for your web site you need to have your web site hosted on a server that supports the server side language. zubit works with your web hosting provider or can help you arrange to have your website hosted on a server that can support your requirements.

PHP Examples:

PHP Contact Form

Having a contact form on your web page is a great way to allow your customers to contact you. You can have fields that ask for and / or require the person fills in this specific information. Many web hosting providers have gadgets that you can use but this is often more time consuming and awkward for both you and the person filling out your form. These cookie cutter forms can often be exploited and abused. A simple form like our contact form (here) can be built on your site in about an hour. This form submits to itself, has it's own built in error checking and formats a message to us that is easy to read. Added features like next steps, custom styling and any variety of fields are available as well captcha.

Database Applications

Working with databases is one of the most common tasks for PHP. If you wanted to list your products online and you had many of these adding the items one by one to a web page could be a time consuming and tedious task. Then updating the item, a photo or prices becomes even more time consuming. With a database you can organize and work with your data much more efficiently. It just makes sense to use technology to do what it does best. zubit has years of experience with MySQL as well SQLite.

Much, much more.

There are so many applications it is hard to list them all.

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