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The acronym (SEO) stands for Search Engine Optimization. Web Sites built by zubit will have search engine optimization built in. There are many services out there that offer top ranking on the Internet, but there is no such magic wand. If it was simply throw money at getting on the top of the search engines then only the big organizations with the most money would be in the top results.

Spending time however on making your website better will help your site perform better. Building your website using the best web standards and populating your content with what you want to be found for are places to start in SEO. You would be surprised at how many websites fail to properly mention specific words of what it is they do.

A web site put up today is not going to be indexed with search engines immediately. Search engines like google update their index at intervals like once a month. The search engine robot, spider or crawler as they are known will come to your website. Being software these robots read your site in text. They look for your page title, headings, image alternate tags, your domain name, file names for words and these words are how it will determine what your website is trying to say. SEO is a great place to start as a review of your site content in how it appears and reads to who ever is reading your web page. After your website is indexed with the search engine it will have various ranking and reputation for various search terms. Search engines now days format results for location, so a computer searching for garden supplies in Vancouver is going to see more results from Vancouver.

The many tricks that SEO experts do to simulate what search engines use to rank web pages for their results are not really as much of a trick unless you do not deserve to be on the top results. If you should not really be found for what someone is looking for then yes you have tricked someone to come see your web site but  what is point? Large volume networks online make money with impressions, click through etc and you must have come across many such web sites when you were looking for something. The Internet is flooded with low value web pages, but in the long run better pages will gain better results. 

Old tricks of filling your web HTML document full of keywords are almost ignored these days. If your content does not support and talk about subjects relating to your keywords, your page is not optimized. There are however tricks that are software based that make a web page relate to phrases being searched for. This is much the same as how google ads you can see on a web site relate to the web site they are placed on. If someone came to my web page from one geographic location I could program my web page to relate to their geographic location as well if their visit came from another website or search results I could slant the display of my page to show more relevant information relating to where the link to me came from. Once again this is not really a trick as much as making your website better unless you are trying to be something you are not. If you do lawn-care service and landscaping in Victoria, BC, Canada but you trick someone from Toronto by putting a bunch of Toronto words, well we feel our time could be better spent.

Making a better website takes time. Even the best experts have to put in the time. Formatting the look, building graphics, writing text and then organizing the over all site structure are all ongoing processes. Looking at how your website is performing and what it can do for you are steps in setting out a good plan and is a good business practice. Spend a dollar and double, triple it or more are good business fundamentals. Your website should have some ROI (return of investment).

Another great principle is to do things right and the rule of thumb on having things done right is to hire the experts.

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