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zubit Technologies develops, supports and delivers core online technologies to our clients. We are committed to and focused on the business processes required to ensure the success of your online and IT requirements.

zubit has secured strategic partnerships with top industry experts in many fields including Information Technology and online marketing. zubit powers their clients online Information Technology needs with the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure paramount satisfaction and results.

Simply knowing that the solutions are there when you need them offers a critical advantage and is one of the principle of the relationships we forge with our clients.

Some of our services:

What is your website doing for you?

Almost every business does some form of marketing and advertising. We put up signs, print business cards, put advertising in the phone book, magazines or news papers. With any of these efforts and expenses our reasoning is based along the lines of allowing our customers to find us, learn about us and be able to buy our products or use our services. Sometimes we do these things because we feel we should, or because our competition does so we should do the same. Should one of our efforts and expenses not perform for us we need to take a step back and not repeat that effort or we should adjust our approach.

"Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results."

--Albert Einstein

If we have poor signage on our store front and no-one can find us even when they have an idea where we are, this harms our potential business. If our business is the type of business people look for in the phone book and we are not listed, our competition gets that phone call. On the other hand if phone calls only generate $ 40 dollars worth of sales in a month but costs us over $ 150 dollars per month, our advertising dollars are a wasted expense.

So where am I going with all of this?

All to often knowing what your website is doing for you and how your efforts online apply to your business does not get the same logical appreciation as traditional forms of marketing. Some organizations even look at their website as an IT expense. If a customer walks into your store and sees something they want to buy but there is no-one there to help them the customer would just walk out. That sounds ridiculous but with web sites this is all to often the case.

Here at zubit we have a passion for building great websites and software applications. We take great pride in the work we do and the things we build but the most important part to keep focused on is the original goal.

Some things we can do.

  • Take a look at your server logs, setup Google Analytics and get an idea how you can be found online.
  • Visualize your web site through the eyes of your visitor, then consider how what they want converts to the goals you set out for your website. 
  • Brand your website how you want your organization to be seen.
  • Set up some trial campaigns and monitor their success. 
  • Track and/or ask your new customers how they found you.
  • Build a plan with a time frame and monitor it.

There are so many more things that can be done to work with your web site and everyone is different but setting out goals and achieving success is one thing we can all benefit from. zubit knows how to work with the tools the Internet has to offer and wants to put these to work for you.

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