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Social Networking for your business.

Posted: March 7, 2013

What can Social Media Marketing do for my business?

One of the best forms of marketing has always been word of mouth. Where did you get that from? Who did that for you? Where do you get this type of service from? These are all questions we have been asked and/or ask ourselves.

Social Media Marketing is using technology to ask and get the answers we have been asking all our lives.

Last year 73% of the Fortune 500 companies had a Twitter account with a Tweet in the last 30 days.

Last year Harvard Business Review surveyed 2,100 companies and found 79% plan to use social media but only 12% felt they were being effective.

What is Social Media?

To break it down, media is a form of communication and social is to interact. Social Media presents to you the communication, but unlike traditional forms of communication social media allows you to interact.

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What is Social Networking?

In terms of the Internet, social networking is using web sites to help connect and network you with others. You can do this by sharing things you like, joining groups, meeting new people or talking with friends you already know. You can express your views on your interests and hobbies or other world events that concern you. You can blog, discuss, share and follow almost anything anyone can think of.

Posted: March 7, 2013

Using social networking for your business is becoming more of the norm. Connecting your website to your social networking channels helps you connect to your audience that is using that networking channel.

Any random visitor to your site may come and look around, then leave, moving off to look at what ever else they are interested in that moment. Adding the use of social networking to your web site can provide a way for them to stay connected by simply following your social network.

You may not like or want to be tweeting, facebooking, etc, but keep in mind your customers might be doing just that. Moving past our Internet, Web virtual experiences in how we use it, being on the web is much like having a sign on your store, advertising in magazines, news papers and yellow pages. It is just another way to be found. Your web presence has a great potential to get your message across.

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