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Conversions, Conversions, Conversions!!

Posted: March 7, 2013

Web Site Conversions. Another marketing term we hear all the time but is it something you need to know and be concerned with?

Simply put web site conversions are the main objective of a business web site. The conversion rate is the number of website visitors that take some action beyond simply viewing your website.

Conversion Rate = Number of goal achievements / Visits

Determining your goals of your website is an important first step to achieving your goals. Convert your web site visits into actual business! For a free evaluation of your web site, please fill out this form.

It can often be difficult to monitor website conversions if your goal is foot traffic, phone calls or even emails. There are many ways to achieve information, for example offer some incentive from your web site for your customer to bring to you. This does two things, one it assists in creating a conversion, and two, lets you know where it came from.

More Web Site Traffic

It is often easier to double your web site conversion rate then it is to double the traffic you may get to your site.

Every Web Site has to have a goal

Looking close at this every web site has a goal. Keeping a strong focus on this goal is important to begin to achieve the goals you set out for your website. While we are web developers, web designers, we concern ourselves with building attractive website that function well and are technically sound. This is a part of your goals in having a great website, but it is not the end goal in itself. Many web designers concern themselves with building a site to the best of their ability and in line with your budget, but you may get lost in this process as to what your original goals were.

So many web sites do not achieve their goals, which leads to much frustration with web sites. Simply taking a step back and evaluating your objective is so easy but have you done this lately with your web site?

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