Wordpress Services.

wordpress Wordpress is a powerful blogging tool, also widely used for CMS (content management system) to allow you to control your website content. With a large list of plugins, such as galleries, news feeds, shopping carts, wordpress offers users a strong interface to manage their website.

zubit is offering wordpress services from a complete install of wordpress, hosting, template design, plugin install to full coaching and tutorials on how to work with your wordpress site. If you currently have a wordpress site zubit can assist you with any aspect of working with your wordpress site.

While many web developers specialize in providing software install and setup for wordpress sites, zubit can also work with the core, developing plugins and walk through the wordpress code with ease. This flexibility extends the already powerful abilities of wordpress, allowing you to have even more flexibility. If you can think of it, we can likely build your this functionality to your website. I have personally spent hours combing through plugins, documentation and the core software code of wordpress, only to sit down for perhaps one hour and develop a simple plugin tool that has not previously existed.

As wordpress is open source software there are hundreds of developers like zubit developing wordpress from all over the world. With any software in it's life it will require upgrades, changes and enhancements which can often cause problems. Sometimes just being pointed in the right direction to accomplish what you need to do saves countless hours of struggling. Bring in zubit to be your wordpress expert.

For more comparision information on CMS (content management systems), please check out this comparison chart.

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